Matthew Sheapard

Topics: Matthew Shepard, Matthew Shepard Act, Hate crime Pages: 4 (1532 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The reason I choose to write my research paper on Matthew Shepard is because gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender (GLBT) is a topic that I feel very strongly about. I believe that no matter whom you like and who you are should determine if you are accepted by society. The audience I am aiming for is people who don’t agree with gays, homosexuals, or who just aren’t familiar with the topic, mainly teenagers and young adults. I hope people realize what is going on in the world surrounding GLBT’s and what it is like to be on the other side in a deadly hate crime against people being themselves.

Should people be killed for being themselves?
Should killing a person because they are gay be considered a hate crime?

Twenty one year old Matthew Shepard was a student of University of Wyoming College studying political science. He loved life and always looked on the bright side of things and always put his friends and family before himself. He grew up in Laramie, Wyoming and lived there his whole life. (Loffreda) Matthew died October 12, 1998 at 12:53 a.m. after spending 5 days in a comma due to massive injuries and head trauma in a robbery and a hate crime assault. Matthew met Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson in a local bar called Fireside Lounge. They had been drinking. The two led Matthew to believe they were gay and lured Shepard to their truck. (Shepard) Aaron then proceeded to pull out a gun and say “guess what – we’re not gay and you just got jacked” then told Matt to hand over his wallet. After he refused, Aaron began hitting him with his gun repeatedly. Russell then got rope out to tie him up to a wooden post and then beat him until he was unconscious. (Mama) They took his shoes, his truck, and his life.

18 hours later Matthew was found by Aaron Kreifels, a cyclist who initially mistook Matt as a scarecrow. (Shepard) Shepard had suffered fractures to the back of his head and in the front of his right ear. He also...
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