Mattel and the Toy Recalls

Topics: Consumer Product Safety Commission, Supply chain management, Mattel Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: February 10, 2013
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Mattel and the Toy Recalls
Responding to recall notice of Mattel’s character toys for lead paint violations|

Paulina Gorczyca9/26/2011

Mattel’s Toy Recall

The toy industry is estimated to be a 71 billion dollar market in 2007 (pg.167) with approximately 880 competitive companies with its clear industry leaders. Mattel being number one toy making company in the world has been faced with several conflicts due to the industries strict jurisdiction under the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It is necessary for toy companies to have great control over the safety features of the their products as the users are small children who are not yet capable of making educated decisions when it comes to safety and play time. Stern laws and regulations enforced by the CPSC state very specific guidelines, in this case it would be the lead content in product available to children to be less than 600 parts per million (pg.170). Mattel’s problems began when their supply line became greater and greater within China. As the list of suppliers and vendors grew, Mattel’s ability to control the working environment and the quality of their product became a lot harder and sometimes impossible. The inability to trace back the company Dongguan from which Lee Der (one of Mattel’s principle vendors) purchased the paint revealing too much lead was a major problem. Dongguan Zhongxin Toner Powder Company was reported to be fake (pg.175), harming the confidence of consumers in Mattel’s credibility. Mettal has been an industry leader for over 60 years and has proven itself to be a good corporate citizen with its Global Manufacturing Principles and Mattel’s Children Foundation. The company has gained and continued to build consumer trust and a positive image in the toy market, and therefore a recall was necessary procedure in the nature of the conflict in regards to the lead content. Undeniably the core problem of the issue was the long supply...
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