Matt Moreau's Dilemma

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BUS 303 Case One: Matt Moreau’s Dilemma


Chuck Mackness, the president of Bantings department stores recently appointed Matt Moreau as head of customer services due to customer complaints at the other department stores. To help Matt in the staffing of his newly created department, Steven Judson, corporate personnel manager, refers Sally Armitage, an ideal candidate who holds many years of management experience at other department stores. After calling Tony Abbott, regional manager, who worked with Sally and gave her performance appraisal, Matt finds out that Sally recovered from cancer a few years ago and is unsure whether Sally would be capable for the high demanding position. This paper will analyze the ethical issues and alternatives for this case.

Identify the Stakeholders

Matt Moreau is the newly appointed manager to improve the quality of customer service. His task is difficult and demanding because the stores are managed through an operations department who reports to the president. This means Matt will have little authority to implement new programs unless he hires people with line management experience that have developed credibility with the operations department.

Chuck Mackness is the president of Bantings and appointed Matt as head of customer service as a result of customers complaining at other department stores. He expects Matt to implement new programs for the staff and stores and wants to see results by Christmas. On his last field visit, he met Sally and she indicated that she would benefit from head office experience. Chuck mentions this to Steven Judson who passes onto Matt.

Tony Abbot is the regional manager that encompasses Chute Hill store where Sally is working. Tony worked with Sally when she was the assistant manager at Eastland Mall store and together they turned the store around from being the worst performer. Afterwards, he gave a performance appraisal of Sally giving her much of the credit. Tony is affected by the decision because if Matt promotes Sally, he will have to work with a different manager at Chute Hill store.

Sally Armitage is a highly competent manager at Bantings who started out as a clerk and worked her way into management. She always had good or excellent performance appraisals and has management experience at various department stores. Although she is in good health, her medical history shows that she had cancer a few years ago and she still goes every three months for regular checkups. Her current position at Chute Hill store is only 10 minutes away from her home whom she lives with her teenage daughter. Despite the high performance, her medical history will be factored into Matt’s decision.

Other stakeholders include Sally’s teenage daughter and the other departments in Bantings. Sally is divorced and if she does get hired, she will have less time for her daughter because she would have to commute on the road longer. The other departments in Bantings will be affected because with Sally’s ambition and her creditability to the president, the customer service department will be able to implement organization-wide programs.

Stakeholders’ Frame of Reference

Matt is interested in adding Sally to his staff because of her experience and her relationship with Chuck but also understands the risk of hiring an employee with her medical history. The risk is if Sally’s health deteriorates halfway through, there won’t be someone else to fill her position. It is also important to consider the cost of training and how detrimental it would be to the department especially when it is a very demanding position.

Chuck Mackness, the president of the company is indirectly involved. He mentions Sally to Steven because he must have noticed her ambition to climb the corporate ladder and that he may have seen some personal traits in her. That way, Matt would of consider Sally as an candidate and the possibility of hiring her may lead to Chuck working...
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