Matt 221 Week 2 Discussion 1 Letter W

Topics: Addition, Elementary arithmetic, Multiplication Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: January 3, 2013
For the discussion, asked to use Cowling’s Rule to determine the child sized dose of a particular medicine. Cowlings Rule is a Formula, which converts an adult dose into a child’s dose using the child’s age. As in lateral equations, this one has more than one variable; in fact, it has three variables. These variables are as follows. a = child’s age                        D = adult dose the formula is d= D (a+1)

d = child’s dose 24
I have been assigned to calculate a 5-year-old child’s dose of Tamiflu given at the adult dose of 120mg. d= D(a+1)        Cowling’s Rule formula.
d= 120(5+1)     Cowling’s Rule formula, substituting 120 for D, a for 5            24        
d= 120(6)         Addition within the parenthesis first.         24
d= 720             Multiplication comes next.
d= 30          Division is the last step for this equation.         Problem solved with a 5-year-old child’s dose being 30mg of Tamiflu ______________________________________________________________________________ Second part, asked based on the same literal formula, to come up with the child’s age based on the information. 120mg for adult, 300mg for child. With this information, we need to find out the child’s age. d= D(a+1)            Cowling’s Rule formula.

300= 120(a+1)     Cowling’s Rule formula, substituting 120 for D and 300 for d symbol                 24            
300= 120(a+1)     the above formula results in a conditional equation therefore only one               24            value for a to make it true. 300(24)= 120(a+1)24     In order to eliminate the denominator, both sides of the equation                    24                  need to be multiplied by 24 therefore canceling themselves out  7200= 2,880(a+1)   the multiplication is carried out on the right side of the equation.   

 7200= 120(a+1) both sides are dived by 120
 120     120             ...
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