Matrix vs. Skepticism

Topics: The Matrix, Mind, Epistemology Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Skepticism and The Matrix
What is skepticism? Skepticism to me is not knowing or being able to trust anything. However, that was my original opinion, now going through and from what I’ve learned and read, I believe that skepticism is a doubting of claims in which are set forth in various areas, along with what I mentioned above. Having knowledge of an outside world is basically believing that waking life is but a dream, and there is something beyond what we are experiencing now, that there is a reality and what most refer to as the Matrix. Matrix is defined as such; something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form ( To me, this is like our dream, which is another state, or in this case would stem from the actual outside (real) world. Ultimately with those things in mind, and having this knowledge, allow you to be able to doubt, and truly question yourself, your life, and everything around you.

The Cartesian Argument is Descartes way of explaining the theory of skepticism. It is a perfect situation in which Descartes explains that he is in a warm room by a fire, wearing his pajamas, and holding a piece of paper. At this same time, Descartes realizes that this could be a dream, because he can dream the same thing. From this conclusion, Descartes realizes that he cannot trust his senses because he cannot prove he is or is not dreaming. This is where I start to disagree with skepticism and slightly Descartes, after reading some of his meditations and upon seeing the movie The Matrix, I believe that there is a certain point in which, you realize what is real and what is not real. For example, the scene in the movie, where Neo has to answer the phone, and then is shot dead in “the matrix” but, when Trinity whispers in the dead Neo’s ear, “its not real Neo, none of it is.” He then Comes back to life and is no longer effected by the Matrix because he realizes and is able to separate the real world from the fake....
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