Matrix Footwear

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  • Published : March 4, 2011
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Case Analysis – Matrix Footwear • Company Objectives
– Desire to participate in the premium footwear and fashion accessories markets that are high growth, high margin, and dominated by young adults – Do not repeat the failure of 1989

• Key challenges
– Legacy of past failure – How to move up-market from a economy brand to a premium brand?

• Recommendations
– Matrix Footwear should enter premium footwear and fashion accessories market – Premium footwear should be marketed under a new brand, sold only from Matrix’s premium stores

Matrix – Products, value proposition, target market
Comparative attributes Products Product attributes Value proposition Target market Target market size Retail store Economy products Standard footwear Low price, reasonable quality and durability Value for money Middle-class Big, but stagnant to slow growing Should reflect economy and value-for-money image Premium products Premium footwear, fashion accessories Design, style Premium design and styling Young adults Small, but growing fast Should reflect premium brand position

Should Matrix foray into youth market / fashion accessories market? Why? • Yes, Matrix should foray into these markets
– But only after validating the results of “Research By Walking Around” survey by a more structured, formal market survey – The market survey: • Does not need to be very extensive • Should focus on young adults in a couple of geographical markets

• Reasons for this recommendation
– This market segment is growing fast – It is important for Matrix to introduce its premium brands and establish relationships with customers, otherwise it can be left behind

Analysis of premium footwear
• It is a shopping good • Increases length of Matrix’s footwear product line • Premium footwear should be marketed in Matrix retail stores – Channel options
1. Market in Matrix retail stores
– Can re-use Matrix stores as this product is an extension of existing product line


Market in...
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