Matrix Concept

Topics: Want, Psychology, Sociology Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Matrix Concept
Social Psychology
Ganouse Capricien
Strayer University

Social Psychology Concept| Definition| Application to SocietyProvide Example| Application to Criminal JusticeProvide Example| Application to the IndividualProvide Example| Survey Research| Structured sets of questions or statements given to a group of people to measure their attitudes, beliefs, values, or behavioral tendencies.| Survey research applies to society when we need to gather data or information concerning an event or some sort. For example, Survey research can be used at the university to understand how the students feel and how they are coping with the university’s rule.| Survey research applies to Criminal Justice when the department needs to see whether or not a city or a state has made any progress or not. For example, Orlando Police Department might use survey research to analyze the crime rate in the city.| Survey research applies to the individual when in need to understand a certain things, like relationship or friendship and so on. As an example, someone might do a research survey to understand reason why relationship works or not and how to improve to spark in their relationship.| Self-Esteem| A person’s evaluation of his or her self-concept.| Self-esteem has played a great part in society concerning the fact that society is made with human and self-esteem has become a part of it. For example, students with low self-esteem can reflect society’s view of the university.| Self-esteem applied to Criminal Justice in many ways because Criminal Justice is a field where self-esteem truly counts. When it comes to actually serving a country or a government, you need to be on your best and not have to question your motive every single time.| Self-esteem is a part of the self. Whether you have low self-esteem or high self-esteem, it’s a part of you and you can’t ignore it. I don’t think anyone would make it on purpose to have a low self-esteem, but no...
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