Matrix Chart of Compare and Contrast

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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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In the opinion of many, it is believed that the best ally for a classroom teacher, is to have an informed parent. A proverb I strongly agree with states, “It takes a village to raise a child”, and I believe that it also takes a village to educate children. It is important to create a well informed line of communication for the stakeholders involved in the educational process such as teachers, school administrators, and members of the community. Today’s influence of technology in education has prompted many school districts’ that have incorporated professional websites for staff members. In regards to how I plan to utilize technology is to incorporate the district and campus philosophy, and mission statement, along with a self portrait, along with biographical information, educational background, and my personal philosophy. It is my belief that including a photo provides additional personalization to the information bringing life to the words, and a voice through technology. Included will be my personal mission and vision statement for the scholastic year, along with contact information which includes a phone number, email address, teacher/parent conference setup procedures. In considering ways to involve parents to participate in the success of their student, I believe the various ways in which technology can be implemented to cultivate strategies for communication with parents and students, as well as improving learning of the students. Parents will be able to access a link to the What You Need to Know Section containing weekly lesson plans, parental involvement ideas that will enhance instruction and assignments that the student are working on in the classroom. For FAQ I will also include a section with information to those most asked questions, and the link will provide a view of the extra credit assignments opportunities, and fundraising volunteer sign-up. So in general creating a partnership with parents to inform them and keep them in touch...
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