Matrice Swot of Coca Cola

Topics: Coca-Cola, Cola, Pepsi Pages: 2 (596 words) Published: November 22, 2012
Internal| * Strenghts1/ partner with big companies (Mac Donalds)2/ Excellent strategy3/ Diversified production lines4/ Unique taste5/ World’s leading brand | * Weaknesses1/ Product not healthy2/ The target group of the CC company are mainly younger people.3/ Taste differentiation4/ Sluggish performance in North America5/ lack of popularity of many Coca Cola’s brands| External| * Opportunities1/ advertise it’s less popular products2/ Acquisitions3/ buy out competition4/ It can to provide food in the future5/Growing Hispanic| * Threats1/ New drink competitor have appeared gradually2/ Intense competition (ex: Pepsi)3/ legal issues4/Dependence on bottling partners5/ The economy nowadays is depressing actually, and the poor economy may affect the consumers to purchase good|

| Strenghts| Weaknesses|
Oppor-tunities| S5/O5. Knowing that Coca-Cola is a brand leader in his market; it will be easy to continue to have a growing market in South America.S1, S2, S3, S4, S5/O2, O3, O4. It may also invest in the creation of food and continue to buy the competition and gain new market. All of this because coca-cola has a unique taste, it is followed by contacts (like MacDonald), his strategy is great and it has a diversified production lines.| W1/O3. Like everybody knows, Coke is not really good for your health. However everyone knows that Coca-cola was originally sold in pharmacies for stomach ache. Maybe that Coca-Cola could buy the competition, which is not tarnished by this reputation.W2/O4, O5. Even if they are young people who are targeted by coca cola, by exploiting new markets and new products, coca-cola can expand his target, as if they provide food. W4/O5. I think that these tests have to be performed in a country growing for coca-cola (ex: Hispanic) before embarking on a stagnant market (North America)| Threats| T1, T2/S5, S3 . Although recently many competitors appear. Coca cola is the worldwide leader and...
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