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This is a general introduction to what the case study is all about--it is not just a description of the contents of each section. A good introduction should :
a. tell the background and
b. show the justification of choosing the subject.
c. identified the research problem.
Background of the Study
Discuss / compare past events of the existing system.
Statement of the Problem
The statement of the problem may be in interrogative or declarative form, the number of the specific questions or problems will give a complete development of the study.  It should be formatted first before conducting the research and developing the software.   The focus of the problem will be on the inadequacy of the current/existing study.

Objectives of the Study
This part is usually required to research proposals so that the research can be justified. General Objective.
Specific Objectives.
Scope and Limitation of the Study
Scope and limitations of the study is an important section of research paper. This includes the coverage of the study area, the subjects, the research instruments, the research issues and concerns, the duration of the study, and the constraints that have direct bearing on the result of the study. The scope should include the brief statement of the general purpose of the study, the subject matter and topics studied and discussed, the population that is large enough to generalizations significant, the period of the study(time either months, years during the data were gathered).  It should explain the expected capabilities of the software according to the needs and purpose of the users. The limitations of the study includes the weaknesses beyond the control of the proponent. Significance of the Study

The significance of the study in thesis/research paper is a must. For research project seeking for financial assistance by the other agencies,...
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