Mathopoly Bagatelle an Alternative Instructional Tool in Teaching Mathematics

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Mathopoly Bagatelle an Alternative Instructional Tool in Teaching Mathematics

Submitted as an entry for the Division Math Fair:

Karyl S. Cabanos
Maricar Bianca V. Juen
Raymond P. Loreto
Ben Jasper C. Castro


Grace N. Alburo
Lilibeth F. Aguilar

Agusan del Sur National High School
Brgy. 5, San Francisco, Agusan del Sur

Table of Contents
Abstract i
Table of Contentsiii
Definition of Key Termsiv
Chapter I – Introduction1
A.Background of the Study1
B.Objective of the Study2
C.Statement of the Problem2
D.Statement of the Null Hypothesis4
E.Significance of the Study4
F.Scope and Limitation of the Study4
H.Review of Related Literature5
Chapter II – Methodology15
J.General Procedure15
K.Safe Keeping of the Device15
Chapter III –Results and Discussion1
L.Data Presentation and Analysis3
Chapter IV – Conclusions and Recommendation1

Games are a fun way to learn and reinforce math skills. In this study, the old Bagatelle game is innovated as Mathopoly Bagatelle to enhance skills in writing equation of the line in slope-intercept form, determining the length of the sides of a triangle; and identifying types of triangle. Thirty (30) students were randomly selected. Two sets of assessment tools were prepared. The students answered the first set (pretest) before playing the Mathopoly Bagatelle and the second set (posttest) after the game. The time to finished the given tasks were recorded in minutes. The time difference in the pretest and posttest design was analyzed to determine if Mathopoly bagatelle reinforced the math skills delineated in the assessment tool. Result shows that the average time to finish the task in the pretest is 15.8 min and 4.35 min in posttest. Analysis of data suggests that there is significant difference between the time to finish the given before and after the use of Mathopoly Bagatelle. This suggests that the pretest and posttest results statistically differ. Students finished the task significantly faster after using Mathopoly Bagatelle. Based on this result, it is concluded that Mathopoly Bagatelle can reinforce the math skills in writing the equation of the line in slope-intercept form, determining the length of the sides of a triangle, and identifying types of triangle. This paper reports the potential use of Mathopoly Bagatelle as an intervention material in improving the selected mathematics concepts.


We, Karyl S. Cabanos, Maricar Bianca V. Juen, Raymond P. Loreto and Ben Jasper C. Castro would like to express our warmest gratitude to the persons involved in creating this innovative material that can help improve the learning of both students and teachers in Math.

To the Math and Statistics Teachers, for providing the idea and information about this investigatory and for helping us accomplish this project with their full support in every aspect.
We would like to thank also our classmates who lend a hand in making this project successful. For their thoughts, opinions, ideas and additional inputs they’ve shared to this project.
To our beloved family, for their unfading support not only in terms of our financial needs but also with their consent in every experiment we conducted in the school.
And of course, to our Almighty Father, the source of everything, the source of our hope, inspiration, knowledge and good health as we conduct our research. It is because without him, we can’t do anything.

With the strong cooperation of the persons above, we are able to produce a good output. To them, thank you and God Bless.


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