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Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2 sample assessment
Sample paper 1
Candidate Name (First, Middle, Last) January 2012 Version 2.0

Total marks



Candidate enrolment number Candidate signature


Assessment date (DDMMYYYY)   Length of assessment: 1 hour 30 minutes

Centre number


You should have the following for this assessment • • • • • • • a pen with black or blue ink a pencil and eraser a 30cm ruler graph paper a calculator a protractor. You may use a dictionary.

General instructions • There are 3 tasks to complete. • Each task is worth 20 marks • You should spend an equal amount of time on each task. • Read through each task carefully. • Show your working out. You may get marks for it. • Check your calculations. • Remember to put units on your answers. • Write all working out and answers in this booklet.  

Task 1

Electricity bill

There are 20 marks available for this task. Introduction This task is about choosing an electricity supplier. You share a house with three other people. You buy electricity from a company called thriftyfuel.

thriftyfuel are going to increase their prices by 12%.
You have to • • 1A Here are the prices from five suppliers. Supplier POWER4U E-city

decide which electricity supplier to use work out how much each person owes for the last electricity bill.

Estimated annual cost of electricity in year 1
£560.98 £526.03 £545.50 £524.13 £481.27 + 12%

Price promise for year 2
No increase in the cost of electricity No increase in the cost of electricity None Maximum increase of one-tenth None



Which suppliers’ annual cost in year 1 is less than thriftyfuel? Show how you decide.

The suppliers are ______________________________________ (3 marks)

Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2 - Sample paper 1


1B You decide to save money by changing your electricity supplier. Think about the cost and the price promise. Which supplier will you choose? Explain why.                  








Supplier (2 marks)

1C All bills are shared equally between the four of you. How much will each of you save in year 1 by changing to this supplier? Show your working.

Saving ____________________ (3 marks)

Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2 - Sample paper 1


Here is a copy of your last electricity bill.

thriftyfuel electricity bill
previous meter latest meter reading reading 14 Jul 13 Oct 056322 057643

Bill for 14 Jul – 13 Oct units used 1321 pence per unit 7.835 charges £ 103.50 8.65 1321 units @ 7.835p Standing charge Subtotal VAT @ 5.00% TOTAL 103.50 8.65 112.15 5.61 £117.76


Electricity used Standing charge for 91 days at 9.500p per day


1D You change suppliers 48 days after this bill. The final meter reading is 058386 Use the standing charge per day and pence per unit in the electricity bill above to work out the total amount to pay for these 48 days. Show your working.

Total amount to pay ____________________ (6 marks)
Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2 - Sample paper 1

1E One person you share the house with has been away for 24 of the 48 days. You agree not to charge her for the electricity in that time. How much should each person pay for the final bill? Show your working.

Three people should each pay ______________ The other person should pay ______________ (4 marks) 1F Show how you can check your answer to question 1E. Write your check here. 

(2 marks)

Functional Skills Mathematics Level 2 - Sample paper 1


Task 2

Selling advertising space

There are 20 marks available for this task. Introduction This task is about making a leaflet for a fundraising event. You raise money by including adverts in the leaflet. You have to • • 2A Three large adverts fit on one page of the leaflet. They must be placed symmetrically, like this:...
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