Topics: Mathematics, Thought, Psychology Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: July 6, 2013
As the greatest Mathematician “GAUSS” has said –“MATHS IS THE QUEEN OF SCIENCE”, maths is truly the guiding force of human soul. Maths is the purest form of study of nature which comprise of a deep and rational comparison of quantities, structures, spaces, nature of change of different inter-relations and much more. Mathematicians seek out various patterns and formulate new conjectures. Mathematicians counter examines the facts by repeated and repeated logical transformations these experiments may take years and years of thorough research and dedication. USE OF MATHS IN EVERY DAY LIFE

“I love those who love geometry”-said Plato, the famous Greek philosopher and thinker.Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry are three major components of maths. Algebra is study of symbols, Arithmetic deals with numbers and geometry plays with figures. The structure of any railway bridge is supported with triangular shaped support system(geometry),saving is vital for ones peaceful oldage (arithmetic),the combinations of different dresses one should wear so that no continues days has same pattern(algebra),all these are nothing but some simple yet important usage of maths in ones daily life. Where to go for shopping, choosing a shampoo or planning a holiday, all these things of our daily routine has something in common-its maths. Numerical and logical thinking plays a vital part in each of these every day activities. A good understanding of maths is essential for making sense of all the numbers and problems life throws at us. Many restaurants closes down within one year of their opening because of poor mathematical planning. It’s almost impossible to get through a day without using maths in one way or another. SCENARIO OF WORLD IF MATHS IS REMOVED

Maths is eyes,ears,heart,lungs and above all the basic developing tonic of any human civilization. Maths develops Maths reforms and Maths benefits. If maths is removed then there will be no rational thinking. The logic will lose its...
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