Mathematical Modeling of Urban Population Changes

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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Mathematical Modeling of Urban Population Changes
Background of Issue
The growth of population is the issue that caused widespread concern in the world now. As the world’s top 1 populous country, China’s population problem becoming more prominent. Because of the base of large population, although China has implemented the one-child policy to practice family planning, population is still increasing greatly. This huge population pressure has brought a series of problems on China’s social, political, economic, health, employment, etc. therefore, research and solve the population problem is particularity important for China. [3]Usually people will notice that in newspapers about population growth forecast, when it comes to the end of this century or the middle of next century, the whole world or a certain region’s population will reach XX billions. It is important to note that the number of population forecast in the each newspaper will show large difference for the same time, it’s clearly due to result of using different mathematical models in population calculation.

As the human society entered the 20th century, the rapid development in science and technology has made productivity improved strongly, meanwhile, the world’s population is growing in an unprecedented scale. Every unit time for increasing billion in population, has been shorten from one hundred years to two or three decades. The earth we live on, has been carrying its’ 6 billion people entered into the 21 century. For quite a long time, human reproductions has been spontaneously, only because of the rapid expansion of population and dramatically worsen of environment quality, people just suddenly come to realize the truth that it is extremely urgent to research the relationship between human and nature, the variation trend of population, and how to control it.

Mathematical Model in Use
What I choose is the exponential growth model of China’s population, and using this model to make some...
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