Mathematical Concepts Behind a Wheelchair

Topics: Pythagorean theorem, Triangle, Geometry Pages: 3 (673 words) Published: February 20, 2013
De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

Math 113 Final Output

Submitted to:
Ms. Mae Salansang

Submitted By:
Fernandez, Mitzi Joy
Herradura, Phyllis Yna
Masajo, Queenie Nicole
Redoble, Mycah Marie
Santos, Jhuneline
Tampos, John Pablo

BSPT 1 – 4

Wheelchairs come in all shapes and sizes. People who have issues with immobility or decreased sensation frequently cannot maintain proper positioning or are unaware that they have swayed from an upright, symmetrical posture. Asymmetrical posture can lead to problems with function, skin integrity, breathing, swallowing and digestion. For these people, it is imperative that the seating system be measured appropriately for them. Wheelchair is designed to be a replacement for walking. Those who use wheelchair were people with disabilities. We as Future Physical Therapist must ensure the safety of our patients, one way to execute it is by making a miniature wheelchair subjected to various Trigonometric and Geometric Concepts. Materials

For the Wheelchair:
Old CDsGlue Gun and Glue Stick
Sticks Bottle Caps
Felt PaperButtons
Electrical TapeBond Paper
For the Ramp:
Popsicle SticksColored Paper
Old Shoe BoxGlue and Tape
Total Cost: 50 php (Some Materials are found at home and recycled)

For the Wheelchair:
* Prepare the materials needed
* Glue 5 old CDs together, then use the electrical tape for the sides Make a pair of it. (it will serve as the wheel)

* Use the bond paper to Make a Layout for the wheelchair structure; cut the sticks according to the layout you have made and Glue it together. Repeat it twice for the other side of the wheelchair

* Get 7 – 6 pieces of BBQ sticks and tie them together when they are as big as the hole of the CDs. Make sure that the CDs can rotate. Put the Bottle Caps at the sides....
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