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Topics: Chanel, Laker Airways, Coco Chanel Pages: 10 (2550 words) Published: March 3, 2013
METU/SFL Dept. of B.E. Intermediate Group Weekend Homework III I. CLOZE TESTS: Fill in the gaps with ONE word only. Then, check with the answer key. A. FREDDIE LAKER

February 2013

Sir Freddie Laker 1) ___________ on February 9th, aged 83. Sir Freddie was the pioneer of today’s low-cost air travel industry. In 1977, he began his transatlantic Skytrain service flying passengers 2) ___________ London to New York. Tickets cost only £118, 3) ___________ was one third of the price of his competitors. The service was extremely popular and 4) ___________ the end of the first year, Skytrain had made profits of £3 million and the number of passengers from the UK to the USA had increased by 30 percent. Laker 5) ___________ up in a small house with no bathroom, and his father left home 6) ___________ he was five. He started as a floor-sweeper in an aircraft factory, and then studied aero-engineering. During his schooldays in England, Laker always told teachers that he wanted to 7) ___________ a millionaire. After World War II, he went into business as an aircraft dealer. Then, in the mid 1960s, he founded his own company - Laker Airways. After the success of the early Skytrain, other airlines agreed to lower their prices to put Laker out of business. As a result, by 1982, Laker Airways had 8) ___________ bankrupt. 9) ___________ last business was running a small airline in the Bahamas. He was married four times and 10) ___________ survived by a daughter, Elaine, who now lives in NY, and a son. B. COCO CHANEL

Coco Chanel, fashion designer, passed away on January 10th 1) ___________ her Paris apartment. Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel revolutionized 2) ___________ fashion industry with her innovative designs and elegant simplicity. Her themes included simple suits and dresses, trousers for women, and costume jewellery, 3) ___________ she is probably most famous for her perfumes. She was born in the small city of Saumur, France. Her mother worked in a poorhouse and died when Gabrielle was only six. She 4) ___________ then abandoned by her father and 5) ___________ by her relatives. In 1910, she set up a shop in Paris selling ladies' hats. By the 1920s, she 6) ___________ already expanded her business to include clothing. At that time, she introduced a perfume, Chanel No. 5, which became one of the company's 7) ___________ profitable products. Another instant success was the Chanel suit, which was launched in1923. The “little black dress', which could be worn 8) ____________ the day and evening, was also made popular by Coco. 1

9) ___________ she spent most of her life in Paris, she moved to Switzerland in her later years. She 10) ___________ still working in 1971 when she died at the age of 87.



Fill in the blanks with the correct forms of the verbs in parentheses.

I (1)______________ (have) an amazing experience last week. I was very concerned when I received a telephone call from the police station. When I went there, I saw that they (2)______________ (recover) my bike which (3)______________ (steal) 10 years before. I was a university student then and I had to work for my living. After working for a long time in a café as a part time waiter, I (4)______________ (finally/save) enough money to buy the bicycle which I had been looking forward to buying. Eventually, I (5)______________ (buy) it, and it was a great pleasure to ride it to school. To cut a long story short, I (6)______________ (ride) it for a couple of days, when it (7)______________ (steal). When I got out of the restaurant where I worked, I couldn’t find my bike. I seem to remember having locked it but looking back, I really don’t know. I may have forgotten to lock it. As soon as I (8)______________ (realize) it wasn’t where it (9)______________ (leave), I went to the nearest police station to report the theft. The police officer who dealt with me was very kind and he wrote a report and told me they would contact me if they...
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