Mathe N Science in English

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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As I read through a lot of articles on teaching Mathematics and Science in English (The Star, New Straits Times and New Sunday Times), I found two major advantages of this education approach. The first advantage of teaching Mathematics and Science in English is to allow the students to play on global platform. English has now established itself as the most important language for trade as well as learning. That is why the exposure of English should be wider and more sufficient. Learning 

Mathematics and Science is necessary as English is now spoken by 1.8 million in all sectors especially accountancy and medical professions. Some reject the policy because of the poor performance of rural students, following an adherent stumbling block created. However, this has been discussed by Hashim Adnan, a president of National Union of Teaching Profession. He suggested that students should be taught subjects in English from a very early age, so nobody will be left behind. So, our government has done so by making learning English Grammar since students are in primary school. In fact, Science is introduced to fist year students of primary school to study in a very early age. 

Moreover, the subject is taught in English, as well as Mathematics. For example, in China, where people once had poor command of English, usage of the language was improving by leaps and bounce. It was not just happening in Vietnam where the schoolchildren were already conversation in English. This shows that learning English in especially universal subjects like Mathematics and Science would benefit the students as they will have to converse in English for at least several topics or labels in the subjects. Therefore, it is necessary to learn Mathematics and Science in English allows the students to stand on worldwide stage.

What is amazing about being able to learn subjects in English is the students can cope with their further studies...
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