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Topics: Security guard, United States, Iraq War Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Current Event Outline

Title: 3 Wounded in Colorado mass shooting sue theater owner.

Date: 9/23/12

Author: CNN Wire Staff

Source: CNN

Main Idea: Three of the people wounded during the mass shooting at the Colorado Multiplex during the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” are have filed lawsuits against the Owner of Century Aurora for lacking in adequate security or alarm systems. The lawsuits are trying to compensate each of them for damages, losses and injuries.

Summary: Three people that were wounded during the mass shooting at the Colorado Multiplex have filed Lawsuits against the owner of the Century Aurora for the theater lacked adequate security or sufficient alarm systems. The theater was expecting a large crowd to attend for the midnight premier of “The Dark Knight Rises” but no security personnel were present for the showing. The lawsuits also alleged that the theater guards were given the night off. The theater has a plan to be reconfigured the movie theater and reopen it next year. Iraq war veteran Nowlan, 31, and newlyweds Axelrod, 30, and Traynom, 24, were at the theater together when the shooting occurred. Nowlan's right arm was nearly severed by a bullet, Traynom was shot in the buttocks and Axelrod injured his knee and ankle, according to the lawsuits.

Evaluation: While mostly everyone was enjoying their summer some may not. After one of the worst mass shootings in United States History. It’s hard to forget the tragic events that have happened in Colorado. Especially when this may have not been avoided but it could have had a lot less casualties if the initiative had been put for the owner to put the security guards to work that night. I pray for those whose family or friend that has been injured but their lives have been lost.
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