Math Poems

Topics: Triangle, Geometry, Euclidean geometry Pages: 4 (790 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Math Poems

Sammy Square
Sammy Square is my name
My 4 sides are just the same
Turn me around, I don't care
I'm always the same, I'm a square! 

Danny Diamond
I am Danny Diamond
I am like a kite
But I'm really just a square
Who's corners are pulled tight

Ricky Rectangle
Ricky rectangle is my name
My 4 sides are not the same
2 are short and 2 are long
Count my sides, come along

Ollie Oval
I am Ollie Oval
A football shape is mine
Some people think that I'm an egg
But I think I look fine!

Tommy Triangle
Tommy triangle is the name for me.
Tap my sides 1, 2, 3.

Harry Heart
Harry Heart is my name
The shape I make is my fame
With a point on the bottom
And two humps on top
When it comes to love
I just can't stop!

Make A Triangle
(tune: Three Blind Mice)
One, two, three; one, two, three
Do you see? Do you see?
Up the hill and to the top
Down the hill--and then you stop
Straight across; tell me what have you got?
A triangle--a triangle! 

Make A Square
(tune: Twinkle, Twinkle)
From the bottom to the top
Straight across and then you stop
Straight down to the bottom again
Across and stop where you began
If the lines are the same size
Then a square is you surprise.

Math Songs

Make A Circle
(tune: Pop Goes the Weasel)
Round and round on the paper I go
What fun to go around like so
What have I made, do you know?
I made a circle!

What Shape Is This?
(Song - Sung to The Muffin Man)
Do you know what shape this is? 
What shape this is, what shape this is?
Do you know what shape this is,
I'm holding in my hand?

(Sung to Are You Sleeping?) 
This is a square, this is a square
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It has four sides, all the same size
It's a square; it's a square
This is a circle, this is a circle
How can you tell? How can you tell?
It goes round and round, no end can be found
It's a circle; it's a circle
This is a triangle, this is a triangle
How can you tell? How...
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