Math Is Worth Learning

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Math Is Worth Learning

By | May 2011
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Math Is Worth Learning
Every person on this planet earth needs to know at least simple math to live a normal life style. Learning math can be a daunting task when you do not have the right tools or the right materials, especially if you grew up believing that math is hard and that you will never understand it. All humans need to get rid of any negative thinking that teachers, friends, or even a caring relative helped you build over the years and start believing in yourself. Learning Simple math is worthwhile because every job opportunity, every household responsibly, and most every personal interest involves mathematics to some degree, also with math you can know many pattern recognition and application to basic skills. Math is about recognizing patterns, and patterns occur in everything from traffic to weather to eating and sleeping. It is obvious that these pattern-containing topics affect a person’s daily life. Patterns also occur in nature – in the ripples on the surface of a pond, in the sun’s path across the sky, and even in snowflakes, zebra stripes, and broccoli buds. Though these patterns occur in such ways that an understanding of them is not necessary for survival or success in life, it is important to consider that mathematics are essential to even the most overlooked details. Math gives order and structure to what would otherwise be random and chaotic. Who can deny the importance of mathematics when human genetics rely on them? Thus, in these examples, it can be seen that math is everywhere, even if math is not necessary for survival. Having a general understanding of mathematics yields to immeasurable benefits. Math can be put to use in the grocery store and at the mall but also while watching television or reading the newspaper. For example, without mathematics, grocery shopping becomes much more expensive than it has to be. A person without knowledge of mathematics may assume that bulk purchases save money, but this is not an...

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