Math History

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MAT 111

1) Tells the story of your mathematical history. How would you describe what mathematics is in your own words? What is mathematics to me? Mathematics is the study of numbers and also concepts and shapes. Math can be a lot of thing in math it can include numbers, letters are shape and lines .Do you consider yourself good at mathematics? No I don’t. Why; I don’t think I’m good in math is because I’m not patience enough to solve the problem in math. Was there a time in your life where you remember doing good or bad in certain math classes? Yes. I didn’t go to the best of grade schools so basically we were taught by the calculator. Which work and didn’t work sometimes because you still have to learn the formulas? What did you attribute your success or failure in mathematics to? I would like to blame my failures on my grade schools but I had a part in my failures in math to. But, I would like to attribute my mathematical success to my mother and the Huntington learning center that she had to pay for in order for me to pass algebra 2 back in high school. (Teacher, motivation, speeds of course, etc.) What styles of teaching did you prefer your instructors to adopt? I prefer how my Math 111 teacher Mr.Russey teaches because he does a combination of both online instruction and classroom instruction.

2) Summarize the article and highlight the key points mentioned within the article. One of the highlights of the article was talking about. Understanding requires factual knowledge and conceptual frameworks. What this mean to me is the importance of Conceptual understanding and procedural fluency, as well as an effective Organization of knowledge—in this case one that facilitates strategy Development and adaptive reasoning; the second key point is encouraging math talk. Why, I thought was important is because it’s an important way to make students’ thinking visible is through math talk—talking about mathematical thinking. The third key point is. Is...
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