Math Evistigetion Project

Topics: Numerical digit, Prime number, Divisor Pages: 4 (1028 words) Published: February 4, 2013
President Roxas, Capiz
S.Y. 2012-2013

Mizraim Tirol
Ruan Cyrrene Vallejera
Ma. Krizza Vergara

Mrs. Roselyn Palorma

I. Introduction :

A mathematical investigation is defined as a collection of worthwhile problem-solving tasks that has multi-dimensional content, is an open-minded, permitting several acceptable solutions and is often embedded in a focus question. In addition, a mathematical investigation involves a number of processes, which includes ---- researching outside sources to gather information, collecting data through such means as surveying, observing or measuring, collaborating with each team member taking specific jobs and using multiple strategies for researching solutions and conclusions.

Our investigation is to express the multiples of nine, in which it aims to show the possible values that could be divisible by nine. There are some topics on our investigation related to math. One of these topics is factoring.Factoring are any of the numbers or symbols in mathematics that when multiplied together form a product or a number or symbol that divides another number or symbol. It is also a quantity by which a given quantity is multiplied or divided in order to indicate a difference in measurement.

II. Statement of the Problem :

The observation of the multiples of nine.
More specifically, the observation attempted to provide answers to the following questions:

Consider the digits in the multiples of nine written in order. -How does each unit digits compare with one before it.

- What happens with the tens and the hundreds of digit.

Consider the sums of the digits in the multiples of nine.

-Try some large numbers (eg. 3168) as well as small goes.
-Look for a use for what you have observed.
-What happens if combinations of the digits are added?
(For 3168, consider as 3+16+8 or 31+68)

3.) Consider the rearranging...
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