Math and Science Jingle

Math and Science Jingle 2012
III-teamwork :D
To the tune of “The Lazy Song”
Today we feel like saving our mother earth
Segregating and planting trees
With a little help from mathematics
Subtract the trashes and plastics
Today we feel like saving our mother earth
Simple as this…’s…destruction 2x
Simple as that…
To the tune of “All for one”
Science and Math collaborate
Solving equations yeah that’s great
Recycle, Reduce and Reuse
For the good and of the great
We can do it well, yeah it’s fun!
Our excitement has already begun
Everybody yeah let’s go Math and Sci
To the tune of “Were all in this together”
We’re solving in mathematics
And in Science we study about ecosystems
Go green choose red!
that’s our theme for this event
that’s what we are choosing for the sake of the Trinitians

To the tune of “Na na na”
We’ve got a bit of problem
It’s hard for us to solve and reduce earth’s waste
But sometimes we think of good ways to prevent those things we can’t hesitate We aim to do it for a cleaner earth
We like to reduce them
Then we like and try to make
A better place for our earth
So we can live clean and green.
Ohh.. I realized tonight
That we can change it all that’s right
We like clean green earth
Clean green earth
To the tune of “Domino”
Ohh equations are just hard but
We can do it if we try it right
Fill it up with our answers
Trust ourselves that we can live it up
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