Math 533 Project 1

Topics: Standard deviation, Arithmetic mean, Scatter plot Pages: 4 (596 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The below report presents the detailed statistical analysis of the data collected from a sample of credit customers in the department store “AJ DAVIS Departmental stores”.

The 1st individual variable considered is Location. It is a category variable. The three subcategories are Urban, Suburban and Rural. Category variable, the measures of central tendency and descriptive statistics has not been calculated for this variable. The frequency distribution and pie chart are below:

|Frequency Distribution: |
|Location |Frequency |
|Urban |21 |
|Suburban |15 |
|Rural |14 |


From the frequency distribution and pie chart, it is display the maximum number of customers belongs to the rural category (42%), suburban category (30%) and Only 28% of the customers belong to the urban category.

The 2nd individual variable considered is Size. It is a quantitative variable. The measures of central tendency, variation and other descriptive statistics have been calculated for this variable are below:

|Descriptive Statistics: |
|Size |
|Mean |3.42 |
|Median |3 |
|Mode |2 |
|Standard Deviation |1.73898868 |
|Sample Variance |3.02408163 |
|Range |6 |
|Minimum |1 |
|Maximum |7 |
|Sum |171 |
|Count |50 |

|Frequency Distribution: |
|Size |Frequency |
|1 |5...
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