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Kenwood Academy Mathematics Department 2012-2013
Geometry Syllabus (1.0 Credit)
Instructor: Ms. Starling
E-mail: Tutoring Hours: Tues 3:30-4:30 Phone number: (773) 535-1350 Room 308 (or by appointment)

Course Description/Objective
Geometry provides students with an introduction to formal mathematical reasoning, logic, and proof. Through geometry, you will be introduced to the tools needed to study space and spatial relationships. The study of Geometry includes math vocabulary, organization of proofs, points, lines, planes and angles, parallel lines and planes, transformations and congruence, congruent triangles, similar polygons, right triangles, circles, areas of plane and solid figures, volumes and surface areas of solids, using formulas in solving problems, visualizing geometric situations, and using geometric ideas in real situations.

The objective of this course is to provide the student with the necessary skills to understand geometric principles and apply geometric concepts to everyday life. In addition, the student will be provided with the requisite foundation for the study of advanced algebra and trigonometry. In this course, we will use a multitude of resources which provide an interactive approach and incorporate various tools to help students explore geometric topics.

This class addresses the following standards as mandated by the Illinois Board of Education. We use the College Readiness Standards (CRS) produced by the ACT as well as the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). A full list of the CRS is available at A detailed breakdown of the Common Core State Standards is available at

College Readiness Standards (CB: 16-27); (PA: 20-32); (H: 24-36)|Common Core State Standards and Big Ideas In Geometry, Year 1| Graphical Presentations Properties of Plane FiguresMeasurementsMeaning of Words|Congruence, Proof, and Constructions (G-CO.1-5, G-CO.9 ,G-CO.11-12, G-CO.13) Similarity and Congruence (G-SRT.1, G-SRT.6-8)Extending to Three Dimensions (G-GMD.1-4)Connecting Algebra and Geometry through Coordinates (G.GPE.4-7)Circles With and Without Coordinates (G-C.1-3, G-C.5, G-GPE.1, G-GPE.4)|

Unit 1 Title|Congruence, Proof, and ConstructionA)Introduction to Geometry / Tools of Geometry (ch1& 4)| Dates (school calendar weeks)|September 4 – October 2 |
Unit 2 Title|Congruence, Proof, and ConstructionB) Transformation (ch 9)| Dates (school calendar weeks)|October 3 – October 30 |
Unit 3 Title|Congruence, Proof, and ConstructionC)Proof (ch2 &3)| Dates (school calendar weeks)|October 30- November 21|
Unit 4 Title|Similarity & CongruenceA)Similarity (ch3)B)Similarity in Dilations ( Ch 9)| Dates (school calendar weeks)|November 26 – December 14|
Unit 5 Title|Similarity & CongruenceC)Similarity and Trigonometric Ratios (ch 6 & 7)| Dates (school calendar weeks)|December 17- January 18|
Unit 6 Title|Extending the Three Dimensions A)Volume Formulas and Problem Solving ( ch 10 & 11)B)Visualize Similarities Between Two- and Three-Dimensional ( ch 3 & 12)| Dates (school calendar weeks)|January 22- February 19|

Unit 7 Title|Extending the Three DimensionsC)Applying Geometric Concepts in Modeling Situations (ch 12)| Dates (school calendar weeks)|February 25-March 18|
Unit 8 Title|Connecting Algebra and Geometry Through CoordinatesA)Slope Formula / Distance Formula ( Ch 1, 3, 7 & 8)| Dates (school calendar weeks)|March 19-April 26|
Unit 9 Title|Circles with and without CoordinatesA)Defining a Circle and Parts of Circles (ch 10)B)Constructions / Relationships Among Inscribed Angles, Radii, and Chords ( ch 10)| Dates (school calendar weeks)|April 29- May 28|

Unit 10 Title|Circles with and without CoordinatesC)Coordinate Geometry of Circles ( ch 10)D) Arc...
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