Topics: Macbeth, William Shakespeare, Three Witches Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Intro: Hi my name is Shan Anantharajah, grade eleven from FMSS Ms. Bevan Grade 11 class. I’m here to nominate the play “Macbeth” by William Shakespeare, who used to be one of famous literatures and play writers and currently till now. The brief summary, in the play Macbeth, is a wise and loyal man who fights for his country (Scotland) for freedom from Norway. He becomes confronted by three witches that tell him and his friend Banquo who are given prophecies that tell them they will gain power. Macbeth is told he will become future king, and Banquo son’s and after that will be kings. Macbeth becomes greedy and betrays his homeland by killing the precious king Duncan. Macbeth is convinced by his wife; Lady Macbeth causes him to kill the innocent Duncan. Macbeth wants wealth and reputation, and doesn’t know the consequences that he will be facing because of the cruel decisions he decided to make by assassinating King Duncan. Basically, his avarice for the crown was more important than any other thing to him and his wife Lady Macbeth. The three main reasons I chose this book because of the critical commentary behind this book, the universal truth and the imagery and setting that help’s emphasizes the story more. Body: I will be starting off by explaining my three reasons why I nominated this play as the FM Literaliacy noble price award. First, the critical commentary which is said by an British individual scholar and critic. He went to Queens University and University Michigan, works as a professional writer and holds a PHD in English. G.B. Harrison in known for his critical commentary for “Macbeth” he states “no household in the English-speaking world is properly furnished unless it contains the holy bibles and the works of Shakespeare. It is not always thought that these books should be read in mature years, but they must be presented as symbol of religion and culture” (Source). I agree because William Shakespeare is a strong believer in religion and...
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