Maternity Ppt

Topics: Pregnancy, Employment, Abortion Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: April 7, 2012

Prepared by Jagdish Pathak

Object of the Act
To protect the dignity of motherhood and the dignity of a new person's birth by providing for the full and healthy maintenance of the woman and her child at this important time when she is not working.

Conditions for eligibility of benefits
before the date of her expected delivery, she may ask the employer to give her light work for a month. At that time she should produce a certificate that she is pregnant She should give written notice to the employer about seven weeks before the date of her delivery that she will be absent for six weeks before and after her delivery. She should also provide the name of person to whom payment will be made in case she cannot take it herself. She should take the payment for the first six weeks before she goes on l k b f h leave. She will get payment for the six weeks after child-birth within 48 hours of giving proof of birth. She will be entitled to two nursing breaks of g fifteen minutes each in the course of her daily work till her child is fifteen months old. Her employer cannot discharge her or change her conditions of service while she is on maternity leave {Section 5}

Cash Benefits
Leave with average pay for six weeks before the delivery Leave with average pay for six weeks after the delivery A medical bonus of Rs. 250, if the employer does not provide free medical care to the woman An additional leave with pay up to one month if the woman shows proof of illness due to the pregnancy, delivery, miscarriage or premature bi th t birth In case of miscarriage, six weeks leave with average pay from the date of miscarriage

Coverage of the Act
All women employees either employed directly or through contractor. Unmarried women is also eligible for maternity benefit when she is expecting a child.

Leave for Miscarriage & Tubectomy  Operation
Leave with wages at the rate of maternity...
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