Maternal Mortality

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Far Too Many Women Die Unnecessary From Complication Of Pregnancy And Childbirth Every Year, The Majority Of These Deaths Can Be Prevented If Women's Basic Human Rights Are Guaranteed. [IACHR.2010] The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights Says, Every Human Being Has The Right To Health, Including Healthcare. Unfortunately, The Human Right To Health Care Particularly Maternal Health Care Is Not Being Met, That Resulted On The Increasing Maternal Mortality, and The Problem Is Especially Severe In Marginalized Communities Such As Low-Income Households, IDPs, Refugees And Women In War Zone. [J.Peter and A.Wolper.1995] Maternal Mortality Is Defined As Death Among Women Who Are Pregnant Or Who Have Been Pregnant During The Previous Forty-Two Days. [R.Cook,B.dickens and M.Ffathalla.2003] There Are Many Causes That Contribute To Maternal Mortality And Some Combine With Other To Compound The Risk Of Maternal Mortality, Inadequate Funding Of Health Systems, Lack Of Awareness Among Health-Care Providers, And Lack Of Empowerment Of Women, Serious Human Rights Violations: Ranging From Denial Of Quality Care To Delayed Or Negligent Care, Abusive And Discriminatory Treatment, All These Contribute Directly To High Maternal Mortality Rate. [IACHR.2010] The Most Obvious Human Right Violated Is Women’s Right to Life Itself, Women Right to Protect from Preventable Losses of Life, Including Preventable Maternal Death. And Right To Access To Health Care As Well As The Conditions Necessary To Attain Good Health. Right To Equality In Provide And Access To Services Including Health Care, And Non-Discrimination Acts Towards Women On The Basis Of Sex, Marital Status, Age, Socioeconomic Background, And Other Status. Women Also Have The Right To Right To Reproductive Self-Determination And Right To Participation In Health-Related Decision Making At The Community, National, And International Levels.[J.Peter and A.Wolper.1995] Maternal Mortality Are Very Rare Event In Developed Countries,...
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