Maternal Instinct

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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A maternal instinct is a bond that forms between a mother and a child while the child is still in the womb. Overtime I do believe that a lot of women have lost that maternal instinct with their unborn child due to dangerous factors coming in between that bond. I do believe that maternal instincts should be allowed to be regulated by the government or anybody who has the unborn child’s best interest at heart. Though the mother may have the best interest at heart, it may be lost because of a form of substance abuse.

I also believe that drug programs are designed to offer pregnant mothers pre-natal care merely as a guide for criminal justice intervention into the womb. Is it wrong? No I do not believe so. I feel as if a child is innocent and at this point they cannot communicate with anybody telling them that something is wrong. The mother is supposed to be the person responsible for that at the time, and if she cannot do her job it is necessary for the government to step in and defend that child. It is similar to parens patriae which means parent of the nation, and I do not believe they should make an exception just because the child is not born yet. Children are innocent and they should not have to be punished or have long term mental defects because their mother decided to do drugs. Drug addictions are extremely hard to overcome but there is a greater good, and we should do everything possible to protect that greater good. Once there is a child inside of a woman I feel as if it is the government’s job to protect that child, even if it means putting that mother in jail. I do not support the mother being held in jail after the child is born because once again it would be a case of over filling our criminal justice system with non-violent offenders for minute crimes.

Another factor is that if you cannot afford prenatal care and you are depending on the government to provide that care for you, I would think it would be important to stay as drug free as possible....
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