Materials on Hospital Management System Project

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Group Project Questions
Group 1:(Fakunle Isreal, Ayinlade Sikiru)
Write a program that allows the user to specify two numbers and then adds, subtracts, or multiplies them when the user clicks on the appropriate command button. The output should give the type of arithmetic performed and the result.

Create a Visual Basic project that utilizes the timer control to display a digital clock.

Group 2:(Fafisoye Rebecca, Agboola Mary)
Suppose automobile repair customers are billed at the rate of N35 per hour for labor. Also, costs for parts and supplies are subject to a 5 percent sales tax. Write a program to print out a simplified bill. The customer's name, the number of hours of labor, and the cost of parts and supplies should be entered into the program via text boxes. When a command button is clicked, the customer's name (indented) and the three costs should be displayed in a picture box, as shown in the sample run in Figure below

Group 3: (Akinyanmi Akeem, Sanmi Sofiat)
Create a Visual Basic project to solve for the real roots of the quadratic equation
where x1 and x2 represent the desired real roots. (Recall that these formulas are valid only if b2 > 4ac).

Design the program so that the values of a, b and c are entered into separate (labeled) text boxes. Then test to determine if b2 > 4ac, as required. If so, calculate the values of x1 and x2, and display them in separate (labeled) text boxes. If b2 does not exceed 4ac, display an error message, instructing the user to enter new values for a, b and c.

Group 4(Ladepo Tosin, Ajayi Paul)
Create a simple student record system. The system should have the following field MatricNo, Surname, Othernames, Date of Birth, Address, Department, Level. NB: You should link the table using any of the Database bound control in Visual Basic. The table can be created in Ms-Access or any other Relational DB.

Group 5(Akanno Kikelomo, Adedokun Adepeju)
5. Write a Visual Basic program that will...
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