Materialistic Americans

Topics: Advertising, Doublespeak, William D. Lutz Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Materialistic Americans

Consumerism is a big issue in America nowadays, American’s always want increasingly more and they are never content with what they have. If they have exquisite wealthy things or the “new” items then they are considered important because that means that they are on top of what’s new in the market. Americans don’t realize what they are doing to themselves and just let all these companies take advantage of them. In “With these words I can sell you anything” by William Lutz and “At sale at Old Navy: Cool Clothes for Identical Zombies!” by Damien Cave the readings explain how Americans are fooled into purchasing so many unnecessary things that most of the time don’t do what they promise when advertised as well as how the buyers themselves are blinded and don’t realized that they are wasting money, all because of the value of their pride and their need to be better than everyone else yet they are doing the same things as millions of other Americans. Although it seems correct that most people should be materialistic, it’s not a good thing because this form of living is damaging American’s values in many ways and advertisements are just making it worst.

In Cave’s excerpt he explains how most Americans have become so materialistic now and that it’s becoming a big issue. In one part Cave says, “Consumers are being scammed, says Klein, arguing that stores like Old Nave and Ikea are duping millions, inspiring mass conformity while pretending to deliver high culture to the masses” (109). This explains how Americans are so gullible when it comes to buying products because most of the time they don’t really look into what they are buying they just want to own what everyone else has because that makes them “fit” it into this materialistic society because it’s all about hierarchy and who’s on top of everyone else. “Klein and Frank say that few consumers recognize just how conformist their consumption habits have become” (Cave 109). Some people do...
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