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Topics: Design, Material, Raw material Pages: 6 (1769 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Department of Apparel, Design and Hospitality Management
ADHM 368 Interior Materials & Maintenance
Spring 2013 – 3 Credit Course


Worksheet 140 points

1. In what way do design intentions impact the selection of an interior material for a space? When design a space, we need to take into a consideration the design concept, the purpose of space, and who use the space. Designer needs to select appropriate materials to correspond with design concept, such as the color scheme, material properties, and how lighting selection affect the environment ambient. Design intentions have a direct relationship with how materials reflect space and people use the space. Every material possesses an inherent feature and meaning that connect with human experience, engages both the mind and body and broad cultural association.

2. Provide an example of a space that might use a particular material for a specific design intention: (i.e. restaurant dining room, catering office, high-end interior furniture showroom) Cafe Bar.

Describe the design intention for the space:
This café bar will apply natural elements into the interior space that aim to provide a fresh, relax and comfortable environment for people. Material: 3-form panel
3-form materials can make design to a new level with the beauty and versatility of translucent resin products. Some pattern of 3-form materials is transparent decorated by real plants, such as leaves and straw, and some panels are made of glass and created like water wall. The combination of using these special forms with natural light in the interior space can create a bright, fresh and comfortable interior environment. The interior wall could be decorated with wood and the exterior window could be decorated with real water wall. The whole space can give people a feeling as if they are under the natural environment. At night, the lighting color could be blue or warm color to create a space pleasing customers.

3. Explain the difference between anthropometrics and ergonomics. (100-150 words) Anthropometric is a science dealing with the measurement of human body. It is an area of studying built upon statistic research of human body. For example, if a product is going to be successful to meet the need of users, the designer should collect the data about the users, such as the measurement of arm length and the width of body in order to produce the product could be comfortable to use for user to have actions. Ergonomic is an applied science that investigates the interaction between built form and the actions the human body makes in order to perform a task. It studies human capabilities in relationship to work demand; furthermore, provides a comfortable zone for the user. When designing a product, designer should take into consideration that if the work environment and specific job tasks fit users’ need in a circle comfortable.

4. In what situation would you use ergonomic research information? (75-100 words) When designing an office chair, for instance, designer needs to use ergonomic research information. People sitting on the chair almost 8 hours a day may cause health problems, such as back pain; meanwhile, sitting badly for long periods of time can deform spine. Applying ergonomic research information on chair can improve the usability of chair as well as good for user’s health. Upholstery is one of element need to do some ergonomic research as well. The skin will excretes sweat when people sitting on chair for a long time. Product designer need to take into consider that how to solve these problems and make skin breath.

5. What is the difference between ADA Accessibility Guidelines and Universal Design? (100-150 words) ADA represents Americans with Disabilities Act. These standards outline minimum dimensional requirements for pathways, ramps, slopes...
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