Material Safety Precautions

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Material Safety Data Sheet
COUWELD® EXOTHERMIC WELDING POWDER (MAIN) 1. Description of Substance / Preparation and Company Trade Name: Supplier: COUWELD® EXOTHERMIC WELDING POWDER (MAIN) COUGAR No. 345 of 4 Jinyuan Road Shanghai 201812 China Contact: th

Tel: Fax: E-mail:

+86-21-59139731 +86-21-59139732 Mr. Anthony Woo

2. Composition / Specification of Components
Chemical Name Thermit Welding Powder. CAS No. 7429-90-5 (Aluminium) 7440-50-8 (Copper) 1317-39-1 1344-95-2 7440-21-3 Name Aluminium / Copper Copper Oxide Calcium Silicate Silicon Carbon(trace) Fluorine(trace) Iron(trace)

3. Hazard Data
Hazard Description: Can cause heart burns. Along with the starting powder hazardous classification 4.1

4. First Aid Procedure
General Advice: After Inhalation: After Skin Contact: Remove from exposure, lie down, seek medical advice. For inhalation of dust or fume remove from exposure, provide fresh air, consult a doctor. Standard treatment for burns in event of contact with molten metal, slag or heat equipment. Treat with plenty of cold water. Consult a doctor if required. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Keep eyes wide open whilst rinsing. Consult a doctor if required.

After Eye Contact:

5. Fire Fighting Procedure
Suitable Extinguishing Media: Special protective equipment for fire fighters: Specific Hazards: Specific Methods: Dry sand or flood with large amount of water. In case of fire wear full protective flameproof clothing.

Heating does not release hazardous gases. Cool containers/pallets with water spray.

Last Update 2005/06/02

Hotline: +800-820-8732 ; ;

Material Safety Data Sheet
COUWELD® EXOTHERMIC WELDING POWDER (MAIN) 6. Procedure in Case of Unintended Liberation All spilled material may be swept up for disposal. Dispose of in accordance with local regulations. Non polluting.

Methods for Cleaning Up: Waste Disposal Methods: Environmental Precautions:


Handling and Storage
Use only in areas provided with appropriate exhaust ventilation. Keep away from excessive heat above 800ºC. Wear personal protective equipment such as is used by arc welders. Weight for each box/package: Sea Fright 25kgs Air Fright 15kgs

Technical Measures & Precautions: Handling and Open Storage conductions: Safe Handling Advise (when be used): Packing:


Exposition Limits and Personal Protective Equipment
Test as for normal arc welding. Face shield/safety glasses. Not required. Arc welding protection. Heat resistant gloves.

Engineering measures to reduce being burnt: Eye Protection: Respiratory Protection: Skin and Body Protection: Hand Protection:

From: Colour: Odour: ph:

Physical and Chemical Properties
Granules Grey None Neutral

Specific Gravity: Ignition: Maximum Temperature: Solubility: 950°C 1450°C No Soluble


Stability and Reactivity
Stable at normal temperature Above 950°C ignition is possible. None

Conditions to Avoid: Hazardous Decomposition Products: 11. Toxicological Data


Non Toxic

Last Update 2005/06/02

Hotline: +800-820-8732 ; ;

Material Safety Data Sheet
COUWELD® EXOTHERMIC WELDING POWDER (MAIN) 12. 13. Ecological Data Disposal Data residues and unused Can be land filled when in compliance with local regulations. Empty containers can be land filled when in compliance with local regulations.

If powder has entered a water course or sewer pollution may occur.

Waste from products:

Contaminated packing:


Transportation Data

Hazard Class: Flammable Solid Inorganic Nos Packaging Group:





For forming exothermic copper to copper and copper to steel joints. Contact the COUGAR Technical Decpartment.

Recommended Use: Further information:

The data in this Safety Data Sheet has been...
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