Material Resource Planning

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A. what is Material Requirement Planning (MRP)?

Material Requirements Planning is actually a tool for planning; mainly aimed at assembling all operations in a production system, in order to enable the supplier know the materials required by every unit of production and the associated time limits (Waldner, 2011). After knowing the product units required, it becomes possible to use Material Requirements Planning, to determine the materials that will be needed in the production of such products. The calculations of the material requirements and subsequent planning are enabled by computer software in most working and business organizations (Waldner, 2011).

B. How Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) might be applied to:

1. The surgery suite of a hospital

In a surgery suite of a hospital, Material Requirements Planning may be helpful in determining the type, amount, quality and quality of the materials required, for a specific number of a given type of surgery. Material requirements planning may be applied through grouping of various types of surgeries that are offered or required over specified duration or period of time (Waldner, 2011). After dividing the surgery suite into different surgery units, where specific types of surgeries are done, the number of every type of surgery required is then calculated. In each unit, Material Requirements Planning can be used to calculate the specifications of the materials that will be required to carry out a single surgery. Therefore, MRP is a vital aspect in this field, and it enhances planning for efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness of surgery operations being carried out (Waldner, 2011).

2. Scheduling university classes

University classes have to be scheduled in order to avoid appearance of different classes at the same time. Material Requirements Planning...
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