Material Possessions

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  • Published : June 4, 2008
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Diamonds, colored diamonds, rubies, gold, platinum, a Range Rover, a Cadillac, multimillion dollar houses we all aspire to own things like these. Music videos like those on BET and Mtv glorify the platinum chains and fast cars of the performers. Many people believe that what they see in videos is real. Although, the cars and jewelry you see in videos today don’t even belong to the performers. The items are usually rented directly from the owner. We see the big chain, the quarter of a million dollar car, the designer clothing, and the perfect girl sitting in their cars grasping their arms in admiration. In our world these men and some times women look important, and who doesn’t want to look like they have the world by the throat. The medias infatuation with material possessions has left Americans view of success very skewed and one of the exceptional signs of our times is the frantic rush to acquire more and better things. Americans today, even those who consider themselves poor, have things that would make the great kings of the past envious. The typical American household now has three cars, at least four color televisions, and most have some kind of computer, whether it is a desk top, a game consol, or a mobile computer (laptop, cell phone, or pda). The fact is Americans can’t function without their technology; they feel that they need to be constantly connected. American Idol is a perfect example of the medias perpetration of television shows where viewers have to call or text a show to vote for their favorite personality to win. Television commercials like Boost Mobiles show well-known rappers like 50 Cent using their phones, this suggest that he uses the phone. I sometimes seek gadgets which will wear out in a few weeks or will end up in my garage after they have lost their fascination. Thus, my own behavior and perceptions have been affected. All my life I’ve been told by the media that more is better. With television shows like, “Who Wants to be a...
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