Material Posessions vs Happiness

Topics: Wealth, Happiness, Poverty Pages: 3 (982 words) Published: December 10, 2013

Material Possessions vs Happiness
Happiness is an enigma, an ever fleeting ideal that is nearly impossible to catch. For millennia humans have been attempting to reach American societies’ standard of “happiness”. We live in a high end consumer society where people are constantly purchasing the hottest new product to hit the shelf, only in the hope to flaunt their “wealth” or overall happiness to other people. However to their dismay, that feeling is only momentary. It takes real life experiences, simple daily occurrences that make one appreciate what they have, honest happiness. There are people that will never have this realization; they are the ones who are wasteful. They are the ones that will never be able to fully appreciate the things that they have, and will never fully understand because they are caught in capitalism's pathetic rat race.

Material possessions directly affect the perception of wealth and status. This means that the more fancy cars or the bigger and better the house, the higher ranked you are in your community. This ideal gives many people a reason to pursue the image of wealth even though they do not really have the money to “keep up with the Joneses.” This overwhelming competition to be on top is what drives these people to destroy their lives. Materialistic views are drilled into the minds of the population by the media from early childhood. The author of Is everybody happy? By John Ciardi agrees with the idea that media creates the problem when he says “Advertising is one of our major industries, and advertising exists not to satisfy desires but create them”(38). The population of America is constantly offered help to buy things; there is credit, loans, and even grants to be able to upgrade to a standard of living that even the government looks at as a normal standard. Because of these seemingly kind gestures there has been a clear drop in the economy, because of people spending money they do not have....
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