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  • Published : October 12, 2011
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Islam Worksheet

When studying Islam, it is important to understand the essential elements of the faith, how they are practiced, and the distinctions among the three branches: Shiite Islam, Sunni Islam, and Sufism.

Write a 1- to 2-paragraph response for each of the following directives and note where there are differences among the three branches of Islam.

1. Explain the meaning of the name, Islam. The meaning is to “Surrender” or Submission base on giving yourself to God. The word Islam relates to many words like peace, it is suggested among the people that the inner peace is to gain by surrending to the divine and the community of all beleievers, which suggested inclusion of a large family. 2.

3. Explain the basic concepts of Islam.

4. Describe the practices of Islam.

5. Describe the goals of Islam.

6. Describe the view of authority in Islam.

The Qur’an serves as the primary source of information and authority for Muslims, much as the Bible does for Christians. With this in mind, evaluate Islam’s historical influences on law, philosophy, and the arts in the Muslim world. Write a 1- to 2-paragraph response for each of the following questions. Provide examples to illustrate your thinking.

1. What is the legal ideal in Islamic law? How does the Qur’an inform and guide Muslims in attaining this ideal?

2. What is the relationship between philosophy and theology within Islam? Is it acceptable for Muslims to hold separate philosophical and theological beliefs?

3. What artistic themes are regularly expressed in Islamic art and architecture? How are these themes explored? How has the Qur’an influenced the development of art in the Islamic world?
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