Matchstick Girls

Topics: Match, London matchgirls strike of 1888, Annie Besant Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Matchmaking Factory Doesn't Light

Yellowing of the skin, hair loss and a form of bone cancer ‘phossy jaw’ The whole side of the face turns green then black, giving out foul- smelling puss resulting to death.

Bryant & May attempted to force their workers to sign a statement that they were happy with their working conditions. When a group refused to sign, they were sacked. The response was immediate; 1400 went on strike. We interviewed some of the ‘ex-workers’ of Bryant & May’s Factory, Lizzie Gorbell told us’I only get paid 5Shillings6Pence a week and my rent is 6Shillings, I cannot afford to pay all of it so I have to do extra jobs for the

The Workers of Bryant & May’s matchmaking factory have made a stand and have walked out, they have decided the pay and conditions aren’t reasonable and they want fair play. On June 23rd Annie Besant wrote an article ‘White Slavery In London’ in her newspaper ‘The Link’ after witnessing Clement Black’s speech in London on female labour. ‘I had heard of the Pay and

conditions in Bryant &May’s Factory and decided that these girls needed to be heard’ Annie Besant told us. She also told us that the women worked upto fourteen hours a day for less than 10shillings a week, They hardly ever receive their full wage because of a system of fines, ranging from three pence to one shilling, Offences included talking, dropping matches, going to the toilet without permission or having dirty feet or face If workers were late, they were fined a half-day's pay. Annie Besant also discovered the woman’s health is being seriously effected by the sesquisulphide used to make the matches which causes The Only Paper Worth Reading Tuesday 12th July 1888

homeowners, I collect scraps of food from where the rats and mice eat. I am praying for Bryant & May to increase my wages, as I really need it to survive’ Lizzie could not carry on her interview as she burst into tears. We also...
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