Match Patch

Topics: Crime, Gang, Change Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: October 23, 2011
that mistake because like my Mother says I told them “we are here on earth onetime and onetime only” and that we should live the best life we can.

ΙΙΙ. In, my prior preconception I, believed that all offenders but a few were remorseful due to the nature of the offense they committed. Unlike Santos who distributed cocaine and was not a violent offender. The inmates at the magistrate did violent crimes such as the gang member waiting to be sentenced and sent to prison. But aside from the marginalizing and assumptions my beliefs and attitudes changed maybe for the fact, that this was my first time in a county jail. In my view the inmates, seemed family oriented only the juxtaposition of problems within their families or finding a faster solution in changing their current living situations. I would be lying if I said that they were not all guilty, however if they are involved with the program as it states they must each be on good behavior etc. then they are trying to change and see reason with how they are getting a better sense of coming to terms of forgiveness, and acceptance on their part. In turn this will help them overcome the burden of knowing they did wrong but are willing to step up and make that change in their lives, not for themselves anymore but for their children especially their children as the fathers stated over and over again throughout the sessions. I have changed my attitude completely from this experience.

ΙV. The overall policy the Match- Patch program implicates is the participation and privilege they maintain with good behavior in the classroom and in their living unit. By modifying the behavior of the participant this will create new positive lifestyles, the Match-Patch program seeks to break the cycle of recidivism for inmate parents and indirectly, their children. Parental responsibilities cannot be put "on hold" during incarceration. The Match-Patch program addresses these issues in a unique and innovative way. It is a...
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