Mat126 Final

Topics: Question, Answer, Dermatology Pages: 3 (550 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Week Five Assignment

Jeff Castro

MAT 126

Ms. Elizabeth Stepp

September 5, 2011

Week Five Assignment

The questions asked and answered within this paper are ones that misuses statistics in the

favor of the company, manufacturer, or surveying company to manipulate data in their favor is

bias. The misuse of static data should be illegal, but it is hard to prove, like question 6 using a

singular vice plural word.

6. In an ad for moisturizing lotion, the following claim is made: “… it’s the #1

dermatologist recommended brand. “What is misleading about the claim?”

This claim is very misleading. The reader cannot tell how many dermatologists recommend

the product based on the wording of the claim. This uses an implied connection with a

misleading statement. The statement uses the word dermatologist instead of the plural

dermatologists. Only a single dermatologist may recommend the moisturizing lotion. The

dermatologist may be on the staff of the manufacturer or has stock within the company.

This shows suspect samples being used to lead to this ad. Was the sample random? How

many brands were in the race? Were the brands ranked? These are the unknowns based on the

advertisement. The claim does not state what does #1 actually means. In comparison to what:

price, size, or pleasant smell. Some numbers can be valid, but used in different ways such as the

mean, median, mode and midrange. This is not the case for this ad because we do not have the

data to either validate or disclaim this ad. This ad is misleading and lends its self to consumer’s

impulse buying. The consumer must be aware of such claims and do their research before

buying products, items or food.

14. “How often do you run red lights?”

This question is a manipulating one because of how it is asked; it is a faulty survey question. It wants to know how often you run...
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