Mat Rempit

Topics: Traffic, Motorway, Freeway Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: February 10, 2011
The Mat Rempit

Who are the Mat Rempit?They are a group of youth who about in large groups on their motorcycles at late hours of the night. However, if this was all, they would be considered harmless. On the contrary, the Mat Rempit are not just a public nuisance but become a serious threat as they terrorise the public both on the road and at other public areas too, and they endanger their own lives.

First and foremost, the Mat Rempit endanger the lives of the public, both on the road and at other public areas as well. When these Mat Rempit travel on public roads, they do so in large numbers. As a result, they obstruct the traffic flow. They also drive fast and weave in and out of traffic. They suddenly appear from nowhere in front of moving vehicles, resulting in the driver of these vehicles having to slam their brakes and slow down. These kinds of act may cause accidents between cars and other vehicles. Besides this, when other road users honk at these Mat Rempit or scold them for being a nuisance on the road, they will retaliate by driving close to the vehicles, shouting insults at the accupants of the vehicles, or damaging the vehicle by pelting it with rocks and stones. Sometimes, they even force the driver to pull his vehicle over and beat him up, leaving him with serious or even fatal injuries.

Not only are they a menace to the public on roads, the Mat Rempit also create disturbances at other public areas too. They drive through residential areas in large group, creating a din and turning residential roads into race tracks. Resedents are very fearful of them as these youth will not hesitate to harm them if they are stopped. Public property like building are also damaged when these Mat Rempit go on a rampage. They even damaged a police station when the police tried to restrain them from their activeties.

These Mat Rempit are also a danger to themselves. They race at breakneck speeds on public roads and highways late at night. Besides racing, they...
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