Mat Rempit

Topics: Street racing, Mat Rempit, Hazardous motor vehicle activities Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Illegal street racers, or in the well known names, Mat Rempit, is a serious issue that knock our country right now. Known for their kamikaze skills on the road, causing chaos in society, their unmannered attitude and the current is murdering people. Statistics shows that this group causes too many crime and problems. With their enormous amount, they felt like the road is belongs to them and nobody have any rights to punish them. This is why almost everyday we heard and see their actions and news on the media. Their popularity is equal to Mawi and Datuk Siti Nurhaliza until then, the film maker had decided to make film about them. So, as a Malaysian, what is our role in solving this issue? Do we need to blame themselves for all this or it is us who let this things happen? Let us see why this Mat Rempit issues happens and how we should solve it together.

As we can see, almost all of Mat Rempit is in the youth group. We should realize that in this stage, their thinking, attitude and action were influenced by their peers. They used to follow their friends rather than their own parents and teachers advice. This peer influence is very strong and sometimes dangerous if they follow the wrong path for example the illegal racing. This is why the amount of Mat Rempit is increasing from time to time. Furthermore, the desire to try something new and challenging is one of the factors that lured them into the illegal racing. They felt that it is very admirable and outstanding if they can win the race or do suicide skills such as riding in the high speed or get away from the police road blocks. They love to break the laws since they think that it is just an amusement for them. So, how we want to solve this problem? How we want to settle down this issue that has been caused many problems to us? The government, politicians and police have done many things to settle this, but it seems like there are no stopping point for the Mat Rempit. We should give a compliment to Pemuda UMNO...
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