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“Mat Rempits Crashes Into Policemen”, “Student Attacked by Mat Rempits After the Crash” , “Fear and Loathing of Mat Rempit” (Appendix A) and “Mat Rempit Jailed 2 Years and Fines”, from all the headlines that I mention a moment ago, we can tell that mat rempits is threatening the public’s safety on the road. Mat rempits is a Malaysian term for an individual who participates in illegal street racing. However, there is also some mat rempits who do not involved in illegal racing. They just performed crazy stunts for fun. Usually on weekend night, you can notice mat rempits travel in groups and raced in bustling city centers. Mat rempits have been linked to gangsterism, gang robbery, street fighting, assault, vandalism, theft and bullying. The motorcycles that they usually used do not meet the specifications, have been modified or install with noisier exhaust. Moreover, some of the mat rempits do not have valid motorcycle licenses, do not pay their road taxes and ride stolen motorcycles.

The main objective of this assignment is that we can understand more about the Agenda Setting Theory. Besides that, we can also learn how to apply the theory in everyday scenario or in a case study. Introduction of Agenda Setting Theory

The agenda setting theory was introduced in 1972 by Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw in their ground breaking study of the role of the media in 1968 presidential campaign in Chapel Hill, North Carolina ( Dearing & Rogers, 1996, p. 8 ).

This theory assumes that media may not be able to tell the public what to think, but that media are effective at telling the public what to think about ( Wilcox et al., 2005, p.212 ). It also defined as the process whereby the mass media determine what we think about ( Spring, 2002 ).

In the process of agenda setting theory, “the media affects the public agenda, and the public agenda affects the policy agenda”( Figure 1 ). The media agenda and the policy agenda is correlated between each other. This means that these two agenda have the direct impact on each other. This process is used in remodelling and simplifying all the events which occurred in our society ( Spring, 2002 ).

Within this process, media takes control of the information which we listen and read. The information goes through a process call gatekeeping before it gets to the public through the mass media. In gatekeeping, the information need to goes through a series of checkpoints and this involved gatekeepers like the editor, the reporters and the writers. These gatekeepers filter the news and shape it, then the media will concentrate on a few issues and subjects which the public can perceive those issues as more essential than other issues. The newsworthy of news is the most important aspect when the gatekeepers are making decision in how much prominence and space to give them.

After gatekeeping, here comes the media agenda. Media agenda sets where the issues are being discussed in the media like the print media, such as magazine and newspapers, and the broadcast media such as the radio and the television. The mass media has a large influence on the audiences and this is so called as media influence. The mass media effectively affect how their audiences think and behave.

The media agenda is the issues directed by the media while the public agenda is the stage where the public is considering the issues are essential. Media agenda sets the public agenda. The issues discussed in the media have a large impact over the public as it is able to mentally order and organized our world for us ( Spring, 2002 ). Therefore, the public starts to concern and discuss about the issue which had been direct by the media. This is so called as public agenda.

Ultimately, the public agenda bring impact to the policy agenda. In policy agenda, the decision makers or the authorities are the one who considered the issues as important. The distinctive aspect of this scholarly tradition is its concern...
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