Mat Rempit

Topics: Street racing, Mat Rempit, 2009 Pages: 8 (2607 words) Published: June 26, 2012
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Pages 1. Introduction 2

2. Objective 3

3. Methodology 3

4. Definition 4

5. General Overview 5

6. Literature Review 6

7. Conclusion 10

8. References 10


I, student of OUM had given an assignment regarding the violent by “Mat Rempit” that made the headline in news recently in our country. This assignment has given me opportunity to look over the main root for these problems. This assignment will cover the cause and also the recommendation to overcome the problems. News paper, journal, web, bulletin, peer and family opinion is the main sources for this assignment. By the end of this report, at least the readers can analyze what makes “Mat Rempit” act so badly and threatening to public. Most importantly each of us should do our part together to save this “Mat Rempit” or save them before being “Mat Rempit”. This is our country, we proud to be part of it so do show some contribution. A phrase taken from J.F Kennedy, “Don’t ask what your country done for you, but ask yourself, what you have done for your country.” Together we build our nation, one for all and all for one.


The main objective for this assignment is to find the main cause for this violent by “Mat rempit”. Despite several moves by the government, happenings show that the problem still exists. In order to overcome this, the main root should be tackled down. Methodology for this assignment the research method that I am going to use is by using newspaper articles and internet sources. Most likely it will link us back to the basic principle of humanity. We will look inside of “mat rempit” view. What make them to be like that? Who should be blame? Or why there is no rough’s action to overcome these matters.


In order to obtain information
1. Web source – thestar online,,Wikipedia.
2. Colleague opinion
3. Local newspaper


Refer to definition given by Wikipedia, “Mat Rempit” is a Malaysian term for 'an individual who participates in illegal street racing', usually involving underbone motorcycles (colloquially known as Kapcai) or scooters. Not all Mat Rempits are involved in street racing; some of them perform crazy stunts for fun, such as the wheelie, superman (lying flat on the seat), wikang, and scorpion (standing on the seat with one leg during a wheelie). Mat Rempits usually travel in groups and race in bustling city centres on weekend nights. In recent times, Mat Rempits have been linked to gangsterism, gang robbery, street fighting, assault, vandalism, theft and bullying. Most motorcycles used by the Mat Rempits do not meet standard specifications, or have been modified extensively for greater speed, or just to make the exhaust noisier. Additionally, some Mat Rempits do not have valid motorcycle licenses, do not pay road taxes, and ride stolen motorcycles. A growing number of housing estates have also been turned into racing tracks. It is estimated that there are about 200,000 Mat Rempits in Malaysia. In some other countries, the term Mat Rempit is also used, but more to refer to one as a motorcycle lover or rider (Mat Motor), as opposed to an illegal motorcycle racer. Sometime...
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