Mat 101 Relective Essay

Topics: Regression analysis, Understanding, Linear regression Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: October 14, 2011
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Felicia M. Sheppard

Reflective Essay
MAT101 College Mathematics

Dr. John Karonika
September 27, 2011

The moment I began registering for this class, the anxiety began. I haven’t taken a college level class since 1993 and only took a Nursing Math class which in my opinion is not very advanced. It was during the first module, I became much more at ease with taking this class gaining the confidence I needed to successfully complete it. My knowledge was definitely improved because ,aside from graphing, I didn’t know or couldn’t remember any of the concepts of this course. My work was strong until Module 1 case study. Got a D-, which bothered me greatly but also motivated me to work harder and pay attention to detail. After that D, my work stayed strong and steady throughout the course. As I stated earlier, graphing was the only topic that looked familiar. I did not understand any of the other topics until after I read the background materials and looked through the PowerPoint presentations. Having those were key to my learning process. I also used a couple of websites that co-workers told me about or just googled a topic if I was still having trouble understanding it. Also, Dr K being available for any questions was invaluable. He seemed to take a personal interest in you and set you up for success. How I measure the future effects of this class remain to be seen. I imagine that while continuing to take other college courses, I’ll see how this class will affect me. Although, after the SLP on writing linear equations on everyday life, I started noticing different things that could have been used in the equations. I did achieve the course objectives by completing my work successfully in a timely manner. Identify and discuss data sets, explain the make up of a function, identify and discuss the concept of a linear regression model, describe the process to solve linear equations, explain the...
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