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Virtual Organizations
Ivan Perry
January, 22nd 2012
Sherry Kersey

Virtual Organizations
The two virtual organizations in comparison in this document are Kudler Fine Foods and Lafleur Trading Company. Both companies sell food items, but their method of distribution is much different. Kudler Fine Foods is a quaint store of small proportion, where the sell higher quality foods to the public on a local level in California. Anyone can purchase from them by just coming in and selecting what they want and making the purchase (Kudler Fine Foods, 2012). Lafleur Trading Company is a Canadian wholesaler of certain types of foods to include seafood, produce, cheese, and wine to be exported internationally and sold in large quantities (Lafleur Trading Company, 2011). Kudler separates there departments into categories such as; bakery, meat, cheese, and dairy. They have a couple of assistant managers overseeing the entire store that is separated into two areas where one supervises the produce and the delivery portions and the other covers the rest. Each store has everyone is under one roof. They have three locations and the organizational structure is the similar in both locations. The three locations include La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas all located in California. Kudler management structure is based on a simple structure where they have one manager, Kathy Kudler, and assistant managers over each department or groups of departments. These departments are on a three level tier so that it minimizes the bureaucracy within the organization, and keeps the management structure simple (Robbins & Judge, 2011, p. 494). With this harmonious environment most of the employees can work together and assist each other within their specified jobs. Kathy does all the purchasing for her stores in order to get the best quality foods at the best price possible (Kudler Fine Foods, 2003). This proves that this store management style must remain simple, because Kathy...
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