Masters in Marketing Communication

Topics: Work ethic, Communication, Marketing Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: February 13, 2012
Masters in Marketing Communication

In five years, I endeavor to have refined my strategic and client relation skills. I intend to be a leading expert in the design industry. After having proven my self as a Graphic Artist, I want to explore more on how to communicate and understanding more deeply the market. In that way, I would be able to execute a very exceptional and remarkable design.

As a young professional, I still want to invest more on my education. After having a work experience for less than a year, I realized that when I took up master’s degree I would be able to become more mature to understand seriously the market and the industry. Moreover, it will help me to become more strategic in every situations in business,. Also, this is a chance to meet up professionals in different fields of business so in the near future they will become my partners or networks in establishing my own business worldwide. Taking up graduate studies can have deeply understanding to the course she/he is taking up. In that way, they could have bigger chance to become more successful in their field of business. That in the future they can create jobs for the people and also to help the economy grow.

I deserve to get admitted in this program because I am a self-motivated person, I am hardworking, but easy to work with. Aside my work experience and knowledge, I think I have the personality and capability. I have a strong work ethic and integrity and I am capable of learning and catching on to new systems and ideas. I'm responsible and well organized. I also take pride in following through with my tasks and deadlines to see them finished. I think my cheerful demeanor, personality, and my strong work ethics combined with my strong vision in life and my strong values, makes me deserve to get admitted in this institution.

When I Admitted in the program, I’m looking for the possibilities to work on How To Strengthen the communication for the visually impaired...
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