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Topics: Campbell Soup Company, Chicken soup, Meal Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Attracting the Youth segment.
Campbell soup Company introduced its line of Chunky soups in Asia in late 80's. The product was geared to young people who were found to avoid the standard clear soup lines and were looking for something that tasted more like a meal. This heartier version of the soup containing more vegetables or meat in a heavier broth had done very well over the years with teens, particularly the young males in the U.S market, where it was the leading ready to serve food in super market.

However, youth in Asia has been found to tum very often from soups to other foods for lunch and snacks, because of a high degree of prevalence of street food both traditional and contemporary. Cultural variable like food preferences and taste are also creating barriers for the product. In addition, with the faster penetration of microwave ovens and the pizzas and popcorn cooked in them by the college going youth as alternative snacks, Chunky faces increasing challenges' from alternatives. In addition competitive ready-toserve soups

both from international and local providers are gaining prominence, either on the plank of being an internationally known name or supplying local flavours to suit the Asian palate. Compbell has resolved to reach the youth and college market. It conducted specialized research on the college market, resulting in several

interesting findings. First, only about 1/3 students use college food facilitiesfor lunch and only about one in four eats there for dinner. With 70% of students having access to a heater or oven, the potential exists for heating up soup. In'addition, this group likes soup and therefore is willing to consume chicken noodle soup or a variant of the com soup rather than having a heavy, full plate lunch. The trends of consumption are also changing. Six out of 10 college students in the metropolitan cities are more involved in buying prepared food than in the past. The students are usually short of time, especially during...
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