Mastering a Skill (Patience)

Topics: Learning, Skill, Personal life Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: June 11, 2009
I believe that in life there are many skills a person needs to master in order to benefit them and their family. Those skills allow them to succeed in life, and become a better person. Look at it this way, if a person were to learn only one skill, their day to day life would not change, but their business world would. That one skill supplies them with the basic knowledge in order to work for their company. Mastering one skill is useful if that is all you need, a doctor may need three, four or even more skills in order for him to succeed. Where as someone in waste disposal may only need one or two, if that’s all they require. There can be many reasons as to why, we as humans strive to learn more and more, and as we progress in our daily lives that allows us more skills to utilize.

Let me start with an example, as a college student I know that I have to master a couple skills, maybe not skills that pertain to work or my job, but skills that pertain to my school work, and routine. I have to master time management as a student as well as patience. Of course there are others but for me, these skills seem to be more important. If I were to convince you the reader that there is one skill in life that you needed to master your response might sound something like this, “I don’t have the time to learn something like that.” Or you might respond like this “Wow, that actually sounds like a good idea, I’ll work on it.” Either way your response could be positive or negative.

I have found that there is one skill in life that all peoples should master. This skill may already have been master by many, but as a student this skill seems to come in handy in my daily life. I can’t exactly tell you the skill that I am thinking of yet because I have not made my point just yet, bare with me. Many times you have awaken to the sound of your alarm buzzing or ringing in your ear, as you dread to start your day, or are excited to start your day one thing in your mind always asks. Am I...
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