Master Objective

Topics: Academic degree, Master's degree, Bachelor's degree Pages: 2 (755 words) Published: March 29, 2011
Dear all!
I've just written a draft of study objective. Could you please have a look at it? I was supposed to be speciic about my goal of receiving a master degree in US, about my academic and professional activities (I think I haven't covered it sufficiently and will return to this point tomorrow), about my plans for future. thank you! 

 Here is the letter - 
I'm applying for *** Master's program. I'd like to pursue a Mater degree in the field of education. While completing my bachelor degree in linguistics  at *** University I received an additional two-year specialisation in educational management. During the past year I studied globalisation at Master program "***" at the same university. The emphasis of my studies was the globalisation in education and science. I'm doing a comparative research in Russian and Romanian university education reforms. I'm specifically interested in institutionalization of two cycle University education, in introduction of Bachelor and Master degrees in Russia. My future plan is to have an in-depth research in Master program organisation. But first I'd like to obtain a Master degree in education, so that be able to carry out that research and to become more competent and informed in modern theoretical and empirical developments in the sphere of educational studies. So I've decided to apply for *** Master program, because I consider a Master degree in education as a bridge between my past educational experience and my future research plans and career aspirations. I'm attracted by the possibility to participate in the *** program, as it's a model undertaking promoting globalisation in education and science. My feasible study objective is to obtain theoretical as well as practical knowledge and understanding in educational management, particularly in the field of Master degree program administration. As a component of my education I'd like to do a comparative research in curricular development in Master programs. I'm intending...
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